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Overview of the Swedish economy - 4 Sep 2000
Sweden, now meeting the convergence criteria for participating in economic and Monetary Union (EMU), decided on 4 th December 1997 not to adopt the single currency for the moment. The Swedish economy is largely based on its external trade, which currently enjoys a considerable surplus. Sweden is one of the world"s major exporters of paper and cardboard.

Overview of the Swedish economy - 4 Sep 2000
Overview of the Swedish economy
            Sweden, now meeting the convergence criteria for participating in
            Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), decided on 4 th December 1997 not
            to adopt the single currency for the moment. The Swedish economy is
            largely based on its external trade, which currently enjoys a
            considerable surplus. Sweden is one of the world's major exporters
            of paper and cardboard.
            The major steps taken after the 1992 crisis to achieve a financial
            recovery have left the Swedish economy much stronger. The
            consolidation of public finances and a favourable international
            situation have made it possible to reduce the budget deficit and
            public debt. Inflation and interest rates are low.
            Sweden, now meeting the convergence criteria for participating in
            EMU, decided on 4th December 1997 not to adopt the single currency
            for the moment. The Swedish economy is largely based on its external
            trade, which has a considerable surplus. In 1997, Germany was
            Sweden's main export market, followed by Great Britain, Norway and
            the USA. France is Sweden's eighth export market. Germany, Great
            Britain, Norway and the Netherlands are Sweden's major supplying
            Agriculture represents approximately 2% of the GDP. Less than one
            tenth of the country's area is under cultivation.
            Agriculture, including forestry, hunting and fishing, only employs a
            small proportion of the Swedish population. Agricultural production
            consists mainly of: in the south, diversified cultivation (wheat,
            sugar beet, rape, industrial potatoes, horticulture and oleaginous
            plants), in the centre, intensive farming (bread-making cereals and
            fodder plants), while the land to the north is used for pasturage,
            green forage and fodder grain. Sweden imports food and similar
            products (coffee, fruits, vegetables, rice, meat and cheese). It
            exports cereals, butter and rape-seed oil. The agro-food industry
            takes second place in Sweden in terms of turnover and third in terms
            of employment.
            Forests cover 56% of Sweden. This land constitutes approximately 1%
            of the world's dense forests. There are few varieties of tree
            specie: spruce, Scots pine, birch ...
            The forestry industry produces wood for sawing, pulp, paper and
            chipboard. The Swedish wood industry is one of the most important in
            western Euorpe. Sweden is one of the world's major exporters of
            paper and cardboard.
            The mechanical construction industry, including the automobile
            sector, the wood, pulp and paper industries, the food industry and
            the chemical industry (including pharmaceutical companies) are the
            most important sectors of Swedish industry.
            Expanding abroad, Swedish businesses have been able to spread their
            research and development costs over a larger volume of production,
            thus enabling them to occupy a strategic position in their
            respective niches.
            The world's best-known Swedish companies include: Electrolux,
            Ericsson, SKF, Atlas Copco, Tetra Laval and ABB in the mechanical
            construction sector. Volvo, Saab Automobile and Scania in the
            automobile sector. Astra and Pharmacia in the pharmaceutical field.
            Stora, Modo and SCA in the wood and paper industry. The iron and
            steel industry with SSAB, Sandvik and Avesta. Gambro for medical
            equipment, IKEA for furniture and Hennes et Mauritz for clothing.
            Link to the Swedish Ministry of Finance


            Source: French EU Presidency 2000
            EUbusiness_factsheets, 4th September 2000
            Categories: Sweden

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  • Cat-back exhaust systems; leading manufacturers include: Magnaflow and Vibrant. make money. 8. Plan a retirement plan and make payments before the end of th

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  • Sell Almost Anything: What isn"t sold online? That list must be shorter than the one describing all that IS sold online. There are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs selling every product under the sun. That makes it easy to find products related to your current or planned web site. 1. Keeping In Touch -- Your customers and clients are the lifeblood of your business. What better way to stay in touch with your existing customers than through a newsletter? A newsletter allows you to add personal touches to your relationship and celebrate milestones, both your own and your client"s. In addition to furthering your relationship with your clients, a newsletter can also allow you to introduce

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    http://employee.tabletkiodchudzanie.com.pl głodówka 5dni chcę schudnąć ale jak odchudzanie tabletki z zielonej kawy schudnąć 10 kg w 5 miesięcy Before I go though I said I would give you a few examples of what a Niche Content Site might be so here are the two I would get started with - Article Directory or a Niche Blog. New features and specifications had been added to the 2006 BMW Z4 Roadster. The list includes new tail lights with integrated light conductors and horizontal lines, a new rear design that gives off a wider, lower and more muscular look, sophisticated and top quality materials, additional choice of colors, and a more refined interior. Also, this new vehicle comes with a new folding roof that is extremely compact. The front and rigid section of the new roof moves down on top of the fabric roof like a cover. This then locks in position with the body of the car. It is very much easy to open and close with just one hand. And the heated

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    Hello. And Bye.

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